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why no bubbler and the effect on particle size

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Why don't you have a bubbler on your machine, instead of stirring with a spoon every 30 minutes?  Henry

The first answer to the bubbler is cost. I would have to raise the price of the machines $20 to $40. Second, the extra oxygen in the water makes the wires get dirtier faster. Third, constant stirring makes all the particles the same size and very small, which is not what you want. You want a range of particle sizes for broad-spectrum anti-microbial effectiveness. With my machines you can control the particle size range by making various concentrations. See our website Colloidal Silver Generators Overview.

The other problems with machines that have a bubbler are:

1) cost $300-$500, because of the bubbler, the timer and the special electronics which keep the current constant no matter the voltage

2) it takes 4 to 5 hours to make a quart of 5ppm, while my machines take 32 minutes to make a quart of 5 ppm (theirs is a 9 volt machine, mine are 27 volt)

3) all the particles are the same size, about 10 nm (nanometers), so they pass right through cell walls. This means:

  a) they are mostly absorbed by abdominal tissue and not carried by the blood stream 

  b) they are mostly effective against viruses and some bacteria, but not single celled threats like Candida and Clamydia (small particles are most effective against viruses, medium particles against bacteria and large particles against single-celled organisms)

  c) the very small particles are useless for topical application (eyes, ears, nose throat, skin) because they pass right into the cells, rather than staying on the surface of the skin  or on the surface of mucous membranes to kill bugs, like large particles, which take awhile to breakdown into smaller particles and be absorbed, so they can stay on the surface and kill bugs.

Please go to my website and read the free publication (which you will receive with your machine) Frequently Asked Questions and read the blog post on the "nanoparticle marketing gimmick"


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