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rust collored stuff on the positive rod and bottom of container

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Hi I have a silver generator and was wondering if there was a way to remove the iron like particles that sink to the bottom whenever I make silver?? I use regular coffee filters for this and it still shows up afterwards. Please let me know what I can do, Thanks.  Andrew


The rust colored stuff is silver hydroxide, which is an insoluble ionic silver compound. It falls off the positive electrode, where its is forming, because that is also where the colloidal silver particles are being ejected from, so you will see some on the bottom of the processing container. It is harmless and will pass through the intestinal tract, because it is not soluble. Most of it can be removed using paper coffee filters.

Also, when storing colloidal silver, some of the brown silver hydroxide will show up on the bottom of the storage container, because their are excess hydroxyl ions (OH-) produced due to the electrolysis of the water during colloidal silver production (this is verified as the pH goes from about 7 to 10). During storage, those ions combine with some of the charged colloidal silver particles and some more silver hydroxide is produced and that is why the charges disappear after 2 weeks to a month (this is verified by the pH dropping from 10 back to 7), and some brown silver hydroxide is then on the bottom of the storage container.

I don't know of any nice way to eliminate them


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