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more about "nano-particle" machines and particle size range versus all very tiny particles

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Hi Mike, I have people asking for Nano Silver Merchines, because they said the Nano is smaller than the colloidal silver. Help, Thanks. Patsy


Please go to my website and read the Blog post entitled "the nano-particle marketing gimmick..." and read the free publication Frequently Asked Questions the section on particle size and the section on heavier gauge silver wire and finally read the Colloidal Silver Generator Overview.

In general, the "nano silver" machines are a marketing gimmick designed to sell higher priced machines to make more profit, because all colloidal silver generators make nanometer sized particles (1 to 700 nanometers).

In fact it is worse than that, because the very small particles, about 1 to 2 nm (nm = nanometer), made by these "nano silver" machines may pass right into the tissue, so they aren't carried by the blood stream and stay in the abdominal area.

Also, many bacteria and single celled organisms are killed better by medium and large particles, which can be carried by the bloodstream throughout the body

For eyes, ears, nose throat, lungs, sinuses and skin, it is better to have large particles that stay on the surface to kill organisms, rather than being absorbed immediately into the cells.

With our machines you can control the particle size range by making various concentrations and this allows you to target which organisms you want to kill. 5 ppm has the smallest particles (1 to 100 nm) and is best for viruses, 10 ppm has small and medium particles(5 to 300 nm) for viruses and bacteria, 15 to 20 ppm has small to some big particles (10 to 500 nm and 20 to 570 nm) for the full range of effectiveness including single celled organisms which are killed by large particles. 15 ppm is the most common concentration used as it has the full range of particle sizes and is faint yellow, indicating 1 to 5% big particles. 20 ppm is bright yellow and has 25% large particles for targeting intestinal tract infections where the large particles are not immediately absorbed and can stay and kill the infection. Ingesting 20 ppm requires followup with probiotics, or yogurt or acidophilus milk to restore friendly gut bacteria a few hours later.

30 ppm is orange (50 to 610 nm and about 50% large particles)and 40 ppm ( 50 to 700 nm and about 60% large particles) is reddish brown.  These concentrations are best for eyes, ears, nose, throat, sinuses and lungs as they have the biggest fraction of large particles that stay on the surface of the tissue, where thay can kill microbes on the surface, until they break down into smaller particles and are absorbed.


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