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the nanoparticle marketing gimmick, using heavier gauge silver wires and additional colloidal silver info

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I just received the following questions and have provided detailed answers below.

You state that silver itself has antimicrobial activity. Does that mean that the generator itself produces the nano-size silver?  Is there a difference between colloidal silver generators, and the new nano-size generators.  Also, is it better to use 12 gauge silver wire instead of 14 gauge. Help me to understand this! Thank you.

Actually, all silver, metallic, ionic and colloidal silver has antimicrobial properties.  As examples, it was reported that Roman soldiers used silver coins wrapped against wounds to prevent infection and accelerate healing.  Silver coins were dropped into milk delivered on the doorstep in the 1930's, 40's and 50's to keep it from souring.   Ionic silver in the form of silver chloride is used in modern over-the-counter ointments, like Curad Silver Gel.   Colloidal silver is just more effective, because it is nano-sized silver particles (1 to 700 nanometers) suspended in distilled water

LifeForce colloidal silver generators are designed such that the starting current is 0.1 mA (milli-amps or 1/1000 of an amp) so they make particles at the outset that are 1 nm (nanometer) in size.  As the concentration increases the size of particles produced increases, so that a 5 ppm product has particles in the range of 1 to 100 nm (see LifeForce publication Frequently Asked Questions on this website).

The companies that say that only their machines make effective nano-size particles are being disingenuous.   First their machines make only one size particle through electronic current control keeping the current at 1 mA, and those are 10 nm in size (my machine produces particles 10 times smaller at the outset) and their machines are $200 to $400.  Second, ALL colloidal silver generators make nano-size particles, defined as 1 to 700 nm in size.  Third, when colloidal silver particles are ingested, they break down into smaller particles anyway.   Fourth, I have dozens of testimonials from my customers that they no longer get colds or the flu using my machines, so that indicates the colloidal silver produced by my machines has ant-viral activity, while the nano particle companies say only their machines produce colloidal silver that has anti-viral activity.   The conclusion is that the nano particle argument is a marketing gimmick.   Fifth, from my testimonials, a range of particle sizes gives colloidal silver broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties against viruses, bacteria, yeasts, fungi and single-celled threats, while the all-one-size machines mostly target viruses and some bacteria (again read my publication Frequently Asked Questions on this website).

The thickness of silver wires increases as the gauge number decreases. 14 gauge is .064", 12 gauge is .081 inches and 10 gauge is .101 inches.  Heavier gauge silver wires have more surface area and because the size of particles made is directly related to the amount of electrical current per unit area, the heavier gauge wires will make smaller colloidal silver particles for the entire processing run, so if you want to skew the range of particle sizes to smaller particles, use 12 and even better, 10 gauge wire, rather than 14 gauge.

Thanks for your interest in our products and let me know if you have any further questions


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